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Life's Too Short to Stick Build

The Modular Home Advantage

SUPERIOR STRENGTH – Homes are built with 1/3 more structural material for better strength and structural integrity than traditionally site-built homes.

EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY – The modular building process generates consistent building techniques, resulting in superior quality. All structures are built in a climate-controlled environment so building materials are never exposed to the elements.

SPEED OF MODULAR CONSTRUCTION – Modular homes are typically built in about 1/3 the time needed to construct a site-built home. Site work and our manufacturer can progress with the project simultaneously, the foundation and utility work can proceed as units are being built in the factory.

COST SAVINGS – Because modular homes are constructed faster and built in a controlled environment cost savings are natural. Compared to on-site construction, modular construction can save you money, depending on the size and design of the structure. Cost savings can be accrued through production efficiency and bulk purchasing of construction materials.

FLEXIBILITY OF DESIGN – Several floor plans to choose from, all offering the flexibility of complete customization or the option of designing your custom plan with the in house engineering department. Each customers request is designed with durability, functional reliability and cost efficiency in mind.

SUPERIOR PRODUCT – The modular building process generates consistent building techniques, resulting in superior quality.

DETAILS MATTER – Top brand materials, modern fixtures, trim and surfaces along with skilled Craftsman ensure that every detail of your project meets your expectations.

QUALITY CONTROL – Internal quality control systems are performed at every stage of the construction process to ensure that each module is compliant with state codes.

EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE – Knowledgeable service technicians in house and in the field are available to troubleshoot and take necessary action.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY – Homes are 50% more energy efficient than the model energy codes.

10-YEAR STRUCTURAL WARRANTY – Every home comes with a written 10 year structural warranty.

Be Your Own Builder

Being your own builder can be a full-time commitment. However, many homeowners consider it worth the time to save money and be a part of seeing their home take shape.

Designed for the customer who seeks to maximize owner participation by acting as his/her own general contractor, you are the project manager overseeing the construction of your new home. As the project manager, you will handle budgeting, selection and coordination of subcontractors, permits, inspections and overall progress of your home building project. Past construction experience is recommended.

Custom Modular Homes of LI:

  • works directly with the homeowner to design your house
  • works with the factory to coordinate schedules
  • oversees the manufacturing your home at the factory
  • delivers and installs your home
  • can arrange to provide optional consulting (applicable fees apply)

The homeowner would be responsible for all permits, costs & supervision of installing the concrete foundation and all site preparation prior to delivery. Such work includes, but is not limited to: all finish carpentry, siding, electrical, plumbing, decking, heating, air conditioning, garbage removal, porches and landscaping. Custom Modular Homes of LI will not maintain contractor’s liability insurance nor builder’s risk insurance after installation of the home. We do not warranty the modular home and serves only as the marketing agent of the manufacturer. Any manufacturer’s warranties are directly from the manufacturer to the purchaser. The homeowner is responsible for locating, supervising and coordinating all subcontractors for final details like the painting, flooring, roofing, siding and electrical work.

The homeowner will also need to schedule home inspections with local authorities at regular intervals along the way. This will ensure the house is in keeping with codes and is not violating local ordinances.

The Building Trade

Buy Direct From the Factory Rep at Wholesale Prices!*

We Will Beat Any Competitor’s Price on Quotes With Matching Specs

Custom Modular Homes of LI will work with you and take you seamlessly through the design & order process & installation of your modular home. You have the ultimate responsibility for all aspects of the project, including understanding the entire process and to anticipate any problems that may arise on your job site.

The job site must be accessible & properly prepared. Your foundation must be square & true to the plans. Your site must allow for the crane & modular units to be delivered & properly positioned on the lot.

  • You must identify a site for storage of the modular units, with the property owner’s permission, if they cannot be stored on the lot.
  • You must provide a bulldozer or excavator capable of positioning the modular units on the “set” day if necessary.
  • Costs incurred because of delays due to site conditions, inclement weather, unsafe conditions, or any other reasons are your responsibility. 

This type of delivery is called a Drop Set.

We are available as a consultant or can supply materials & sub-contractors for a fee.

You may take advantage of our expertise, especially with your first few modular homes.

*Available to licensed and insured builders only.