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Life's Too Short to Stick Build

Turnkey Modular Home Process

Our homes are constructed in a controlled manufacturing facility by specially trained workers. This facility allows us to utilize highly automated and technologically advanced systems and machinery in an assembly line fashion. This ensures the highest possible quality of workmanship and greatly reduces both time and waste normally generated by “stick-built” construction.  

Modular homes are built to the state/local building codes of the jurisdiction where your home is going to be sited. These are the very same building codes to which site builders adhere. Modular homes are constructed of the exact same materials found in site-built residential construction. 

Modular homes go through a rigorous inspection process, inside and outside of the manufacturing facility, to ensure your home is built to the highest possible standards, and to make certain it was built in compliance to the building code set forth by the state. 

When your home arrives at the construction site, the sections are craned into place and the roof is set. This is usually accomplished in less than a day. Once the sections are set, our local sub-contractors are responsible for finishing any remaining items. 

Prior to occupancy, a final inspection is conducted to ensure once more your newly installed home meets building standards. 

We will oversee the entire process from the submittal of the building permit application, through construction, and ultimately to the issuance of the C.O.

Financing Modular Homes 

Modular homes are appraised and financed exactly in the same manner as site-built homes. As such, a wide array of mortgage financing is available for the consumer. Talk to multiple mortgage lenders in your area to make sure you get the financing that is right for you.  

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